Energy boost meditation draft

Letting the hands lie alongside the body and the feet uncrossed falling away from each other.

. Let us sense the body as a whole lying here, the contact between the body and the support of the ground...And as you lie here, reminding yourself that we are not trying to get anywhere or striving to achieve any special state. The intention here is to spend time with each region of the body in turn, cultivating awareness of what’s already here. So we’re not looking for anything special to happen. But allow things to be just as they are as we find them. So letting go of the tendency to want things to be a certain way or to judge how you’re doing. Simply following the instruction as best as you can and whenever the mind wanders away as it will tend to do, bringing it without giving yourself a hard time.

To begin, take a few minutes to scan your body, noticing without judgment what’s going on with it today. Where are the areas of “softness”? Of “tension”? What did you bring to the mat with you? Did you sleep well last night? Have you eaten? Do you feel sore, tight, or stuck anywhere? Are there places that feel energetic, relaxed, or happy? Mentally catalog this data to understand how your body’s current state might affect your energy level.

So, now at a certain point, bringing your attention to the sensations of the breath down in the abdomen. Noticing the stretching of abdominal wall on the breath and the falling away on the out-breath. See if that’s true for you...

Now gathering the attention and moving it down the body to the feet. Noticing what sensations that arrives here... sensations in the toes... and soles of the feet, the heels...the top of the feet...what is here right now?... if there’s no sensations, then simply register it blank. Or if they are very subtle, then simply noticing this. This is your experience right now, there is no right way to feel, simply allowing the attention to remain taking a deeper breath and on the outbreath, letting go of the feet, letting dissolve in awareness and shifting the awareness to the ankles. What sensations are here? Then taking a deeper breath... and then on the outbreath letting go of the ankles and shifting your awareness to the lower legs...only here for a few moments...noticing any sense of contact with what’s you’re lying on...being fully alive to any and all sensation that may be rising from the surface of the skin as well as from inside the legs... now taking a deeper breath and on the outbreath, releasing the attention from the lower legs and shifting to the knees letting the attention rest here. Not thinking about the knees , but sensing directly what is here right now... noticing what sensations change? And what’s stay the same? Seeing what’s true for you right now... at a certain point taking a deeper breath and on the outbreath letting go of the knees and shifting the attention to the thighs. What do you notice here? Maybe sensations of contact of clothes on the surface of the skin, sensations of heaviness or lightness ...pulsing...vibration...all sensations....

And now when you’re ready, on inbreath...Imagine your breath could come into the body, flowing all the way into the legs right down into the feet and back again on the outbreath up and out of the body. So that you’re imagining or sensing what would it feel like if the breath could fill the legs as you breath in and empty the legs as you breathe out...just playing with this sensation for a moments more if you choose...

And now, taking a deeper breath and as you breathe out, letting go of the awareness of the legs, allowing them to dissolve in awareness... and shifting the attention to the hips and pelvis. The right hip... the left hip and the whole basin of the pelvis and organs in this region. Perhaps imagining the breath could flow into this region on the inbreath and out again on the outbreath... then taking a deeper breath and on the outbreath letting go of the hips and pelvis...

Now shifting the spotlight of attention to the back, starting with the lower back and on the inbreath , expanding the field of awareness to take in the middle back and then again to take in the upper back, including the shoulder blades... until you’re holding the whole back in awareness ... breathing with the whole back...

Now taking a deeper breath into the back... and as you let go of the breath, letting go of the back as well and moving your attention to the front of the body to the lower abdomen... see what sensations that are waiting for you here? As your attention moves in this region feeling sensations as you breathe in and as you breathe out, from time to time , you may find yourself getting distracted... thoughts, daydreaming, worries or the feeling of wanting to hurry up... and move on, feelings as boredom or restlessness may come, sometimes pulling quite strongly for your attention. and when this happens, is not a mistake, nothing gone wrong. Simply taking the opportunity to notice the feelings and distractions, acknowledging them. Perhaps noticing how they are affecting the body... then without judging yourself in anyway bringing your attention back to where you’ve had intended it to be. Now , in the lower abdomen... breathing...

Now at a certain point, taking a deeper breath and on the outbreath letting go of the abdomen and shifting attention to the chest. What sensations are here? breathe as you hold this part in awareness... moment by moment by moment by moment...

And at a certain point, taking a deeper...more intentional breath into the chest and when you’re ready as you let go of the breath, letting go of the chest as well and shifting the attention to the hands and arms, holding both hands and arms, center stage in awareness now...

Now taking a deeper breath and on the outbreath let go of the hands and arms and shifting your awareness to the shoulders and neck. What sensations are here? Attending... being here with them. Whatever they are... breathing with them. Then taking a deeper breath and on the outbreath letting go of the attention of the shoulder and neck.

And moving attention to the head and face... starting with the lower jaw and the chin. The mouth and lips. The nostrils. The surface of the nose. The cheeks and the sides of the face and ears. The eyes. The eyelids. The eyebrows and the space between the eyebrows. The forehead and the sides of the forehead. The temples and the scalp. And now, imagining the breath could fill the whole head and that you could feel the breath on the back of the face as it comes in, refreshing, renewing with each in-breath ( long pause).

You might then try directing your breath and awareness toward areas of pain or discomfort and celebrating the ease in other areas.

Now imagine that the breath could fill the whole body as you lie here... breathing into the body and out from the whole body ( long pause)

And now letting go of intentions of the breath and simply lying here... allowing the body to be just as it is. A sense of coming home to the body... allowing yourself to be just as you are... complete and whole... resting in awareness... moment by moment...

Discovering your daily energy levels

Managing your energy levels starts by assessing exactly how your energy fluctuates

in a typical week You may think that you know your energy

levels, but many people surprise themselves with what they discover, so we encourage

you to have a go. We provide a sample entry to show you the sort of thing we

have in mind.

Start evaluating your energy levels in your everyday life.

At which part of the day is your energy highest?

At which part of the day is your energy lowest?

What small step can you take to boost your energy levels?

rUse your observations to see what helps to raise your energy

levels. Then consider utilising them to boost your energy levels. For example, if a

light salad at lunchtime kept you going in the early afternoon, consider eating salads

every lunchtime for a week and see what happens.

Now ...

Identifying activities that drain

or boost your energy

Some activities act like holes in a bucket – leaking your energy away. You can stop

those energy leaks by identifying and then avoiding lifestyle and mental energy

drainers and carrying out energy-boosting activities instead. Examples of your

energy drainers could be excessively watching television, missing out on your daily

exercise or working overtime

Here are some useful physical energy boosters:

Exercising regularly: Ensure that you perform some physical activities

every day.

Eating sensibly and regularly: Ensure that you have time to eat your meals and

avoid eating too much sugar or fat in each meal.

Going to sleep and waking up at the same times each day: Doing so helps to

regulate your body clock and ensure that you get enough rest at night.

Working in a balanced way: Working too hard is a common energy drainer; seek

balance in your working life.

Doing what you enjoy: Following your passion in life is energising and uplifting.

Consider what you value and look for ways of fulfilling that need.

The following list contains some great mental-energy boosters:

Being mindful through the day: When you focus your attention on the present

moment, you’re not thinking excessively about the past and future, so you give

your brain a break from over-thinking. Your brain uses more energy than any

other organ in your body – about 20 per cent of all the body’s energy. By living in

the moment, you’re less likely to having cyclical thoughts and save lots of energy

for more interesting things

Practising regular meditation: Meditation is an

extended period of mindfulness and five or ten minutes a day can help. You give

your brain a much needed rest from the incessant ‘doing’ mode of mind.

Managing negative thinking: Everyone has negative thoughts popping into their

heads. If you believe them all to be true, your energy is sucked right out. Work at

noticing these thoughts as just thoughts, sounds or pictures in your mind (refer

Remember, these

thoughts aren’t necessarily reality, so take a step back and gently refocus your

attention on whatever you need to be mindful of next. Just think of the amount of

energy you can save that’s currently wasted by generating unnecessary, difficult


Carrying out relaxation exercises: Stress is a big energy drainer because it’s

designed for a short-term energy burst followed by a long rest

the stress levels you’re under and so have more general energy throughout

the day. Relaxation exercises can also help in this area

, note down what things you’ve done to uplift you during the week.

Choose one energy-boosting tip a day and note its effect. Remember to ensure that you

do these energy boosters in a mindful way to enhance their effect

Enjoying an energising breath meditation

In this part of the meditation, you use a combination of relaxation, mindfulness and a gentle

smile on your face to lift your mood and energy levels.

2. Take three deep in- and out-breaths. Really feel those breaths moving in and

out of your body

Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly. On your next inbreath,

ensure that you breathe down in your belly. The hand on your chest

needs to remain relatively still, if possible.

4. Breathe out slowly from your mouth. Feel the physical sensation as you do so.

5. Imagine yourself being energised as you breathe in. If you’re a visual person,

imagine golden light entering into your body, nourishing all your cells with

soothing, uplifting energy. If you don’t like golden light, choose whatever image

works for you – you’re in control.

6. Keep a light smile on your face throughout this energising breath meditation.

Doing so can help to boost your energy.

7. Guide your attention back each time your mind wanders. Do so with kindness

and gentleness.

(8. Bring the meditation to a close after ten minutes or so.).

Taoist inner smile meditation

Next, smile outwardly. It might be helpful to use a positive memory to evoke the feeling of joy. Once you have a grin on your face, it’s time to smile inwardly. Picture a smiley face in your mind. Bring the smile to the space between your eyebrows – your third eye or “yin tang” in Chinese medicine – and allow it to rest there for a few breaths.

The Inner Smile is a Taoist meditation practice to cleanse and purify the emotional, physical

and psychological body. We gather smiling energy and direct this down into our yin organs

(solid organs); heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen.

We will take the smile and glide it in turn to each part of your body. You can imagine your body as hollow and the smile as a glowing ball of light filling every dark corner. Alternatively, you can picture every organ, tissue and bone smiling. If your smile gets stuck or fades at a tense or painful spot, breathe gently into that part of your body. Imagine inhaled breath moving into that area.

Rest the tip of your tongue gently at the top of your mouth behind your upper teeth.

Visualize, looking out from the centre of your head and see the inside of the ‘mask’ of your face. Starting with the inside of your forehead, simply notice the broad, screen-like surface in front of your eyes which is now blank. Things may come and go. Let them.

  1. As you rest your attention there, energy will begin to gather. Imagine that place to be like a pool of warm water, and as energy pools there, let your attention drift deeper into that pool - back and toward the center of your head.

  1. Let your attention rest now right in the center of your brain - the space equidistant between the tips of your ears. This is a place referred to in Taoism as the Crystal Palace - home to the pineal, pituitary, thalamus and hypothalamus glands. Feel the energy gathering in this powerful place.

.  Now let this energy flow forward into your eyes

Next, move your attention down and notice the inside of your eyes, the sockets and the muscles and skin around the outside of the eyes. Let your eyes relax and enjoy the relaxation.

Next, move your attention down to the inside of your nose. Watch how the breath goes in and out to give you life and simply inhale and exhale at your own relaxed pace.

Move now to the inside of the mouth and lips. Relax the mouth and the teeth slightly separated and let the tongue lightly press the top of your mouth against the back of the top teeth. See with your mind the inside of the lips and feel them relax.

Move down to your jaw and chin. See in your mind and feel the jawbones, muscles and skin from the edge of your chin to the outer jaw relax.

Now you can see if you move backwards inside your mind and head the whole inside of your face completely relaxed.

So the smile is now moving to your throat. The centre of your throat and let your throat begin to relax and smile. Let’s leave it there for a little while.

Let the smiling energy continue to flow down to your thymus gland, which is located behind the upper part of your sternum, and picture it glowing with vibrant health. Feel the thymus gland become warm as it begins to vibrate and expand like a blossoming flower.

Now move down to the heart and let the warmth and glow of the smile light up your heart with joy and compassion. As the heart pumps out the blood feel the blood taking the smile to all parts of your body and shining its light through them all. As it is moving round you can also picture how it is helping your bones and muscles smile and them filling with that warm glow.

Now it moves to your ribs and the bones in your back. Feel it moving in fact through all your bones and feel them relaxing and smiling with the warmth and energy. Let it rest there a while.

Now move it to your lungs and feel the healing breath go inside and warm them with light and love. Let the smile move with your breathing and let it expand and contract causing your lungs to breathe clearly and heal.

Now move it down to your liver which is on the right hand side just under your ribs at the front of your stomach. Let it rest there. The liver is associated with the sense of sight, as it controls the energy of the eyes. Use your inner vision to see the liver and determine its condition. Its surface should be smooth and glossy, and it should feel relaxed and uncongested. You can use your eyes to smooth out any part of its surface or to relax any area that seems tense. Feel gratitude for the liver's work in detoxifying the body, helping to store blood, and producing bile.

Now to the left to your pancreas and let it rest there. Thank the pancreas for making digestive enzymes, producing insulin, and regulating blood sugar. As you smile into the pancreas, see that it is healthy and functioning smoothly.

11. Continuing around to the left, smile into the spleen, which is just next to the left kidney. Don't worry if you don't know exactly where it is. If you smile in that direction, you will gradually get in touch with it. If you need to, return to the source of smiling energy in front of you, and let the smiling energy flow in through the mid-eyebrow and down to the area of the spleen. As smiling, loving energy builds up in the spleen, let it flow into the kidneys. Smile down to the kidneys and feel them expand with radiant energy. You can use your inner vision to inspect the kidneys to be sure their surface is smooth and glossy and that they are filtering properly without any congestion

Now move it to the back behind these organs and up a bit to your kidneys. Let it rest there.

Now move to your stomach. Feel your whole stomach filling with the warmth and glow of that inner smile. Feel your digestive organs relaxing and taking up the glow of the smile. Let it rest there.

send the smiling energy down into the urinary bladder, urethra, genitals, and perineum

Now move it to your sexual organs in your lower stomach and to the tops of your legs and let it heal that whole area of your body. Let it rest there awhile also.

Take the smile to anywhere you are feeling anger, frustration, jealousy, hurt, pain and let it rest there, in each of these places for a minute or so. Depending on how much time you have you can leave it there as long as you like for it to heal those areas and emotions.

Now move it into your nervous system, up your spine and into all the nerves in your body. Feel them filling with love and warmth and compassion for this wonderful human body you have which works so marvellously and which you are now nurturing.

Now direct the smile to the centre of your stomach and let it rest and collect around your navel to bring warmth and harmony to your entire lower body also. Let it rest there awhile.

  1. Letting the body it soak up smile-energy like a sponge soaks up water.

61 points relaxation

Bring your attention now, to the place where you are lying down. Be aware only of the space that your body is occupying from head to toe. Mentally draw a simple mandala ( scared circle) around you, a circle of light, resolve that nothing will intrude form outside the circle of light to you, and your mind will not go outside the mandala either.

We begin now, the shavayatra practice or the journey of the corpse, moving through the 61 points. Bring your attention to the eyebrow center (1) deep at the core of the head. Rest your attention and visualize a blue, star like point of light, you can feel the blue star or sense the energy of the blue star. Settle into this point, relaxing the breath as if it flows there and we will do this at each of the 61 points. Rest your awareness, sense the image or feeling of the blue star or point of energy and breathe as if the breath flows at that point. Observe the brilliant blue star, keeping your attention with it. Traveling with the blue star. Feel the vibration of the blue star. Feel it twinkling and flashing.

Now the blue star travels down in to the pit of the throat (2) the blue star goes the right shoulder joint (3). The blue star travels down into the right elbow joint (4) the blue star travels down in the right wrist joint (5) in the tip of the right thumb (6) blue star on the tip of the second finger(7). Blue star on the tip of the third finger (8). Blue star on the tip of the forth finger (9) and blue star on the tip of the fifth finger (10). Blue star back in the right wrist (11). Blue star in the right elbow (12). Blue star in the right shoulder joint (13).

Blue star in the pit of the throat (14).

Blue star in the left shoulder joint (15). Blue star in the left elbow (16). Blue star in the left wrist (17). Blue star on the tip of the right hand thumb (18). Blue star on the tip of the second finger (19). Blue star on the tip of the third finger (20). Blue star on the tip of the forth finger (21) and blue star on the tip of the fifth finger (22). Blue star in the left wrist (23). Blue star in the left elbow (24). Blue star in the left shoulder joint (25).

Blue star in the pit of the throat (26). Blue star in the heart center (27). Blue star on the right side of the chest (28). Blue star in the heart center (29). Blue on the left side of the chest (30). Blue star in the heart center (31). Blue star in the navel center (32). Blue star in the pelvic center between the hip joints (33).

Blue star on the right thigh joint on the outside (34). Blue star in the right knee on the right side (35). Blue star in the right ankle on the outside (36). Blue star on the tip of the small toe of the right foot (37), and on the tip of each toe, one by one (38-39-40) coming to the big toe (41). Blue star in the inside of the ankle (42). Blue star in the inside of the knee (43). Blue star in the inside of thigh joint (44).

Blue star in the pelvic center (45).

Blue star in the left thigh joint on the outside (46). Blue star in the left knee on the outside (47). Blue star in the left ankle on the outside (48). Blue star on the tip of the small toe (49), and on the tip of each toe, one by one (50-51-52), coming to the big toe (53). Blue star in the inside of the left ankle (54). Blue star in the inside of the left knee (55). Blue star in the inside of the left thigh joint (56).

Blue star in the pelvic center (57).

Blue star in the navel center (58).

Blue star in the heart center (59).

Blue star in the pit of throat ( 60).

Blue star in the eyebrow center (61).

The blue star is twinkling and flashing. Breathe as though your breath is flowing through your whole body through all the points of the blue star in all the 61 points. No break in your breathing, as if your whole body is breathing through all the points of the blue star.

Now come to the flow and the feel of the breath in your nostrils. As though your breath is twin beams of white light, white moon light. As though your face is an unblemished moon, shining with a moon light. A moon that has arisen from your throat center. Your face is full , unbroken orb of the moon and your breath is twin beams of light flowing out and into the seat of your mind and going out form the seat of your mind without a break.

The finger tips are emanating the beams of light , cool moonlight , as though your breath flows like the moonlight into your fingers, into your hands and fingers. Observe the light flowing from your fingertips as though is flowing all the way down to your toes.

Your feet are emanating and are surrounded by the same light , rays of pure moonlight flowing out from your toes. All the burning cares and concerns, all the sorrow, worries and anxieties , all the envy , anger and jealousy have all been washed away by this cool moonlight. Observe the moon having risen for the throat center. Your face is an ort of the unblemished moon, your breath twin beams of light. Your hands and finger , your feet and toes radiating moonlight. Feel and observe all these radiances.

Rest and breathe sensing all these points. Your body is like a cosmic space filled with light and energy of this field of stars. Your breath is like a wind emptying and filling the space. Lie resting and breathing, your mind is filled with the sensations of these points and the feeling of each breath. Relax your body. Relax your breathing and as you continue to feel the flow of your breath, relax your mind. The space of your mind is filled with the quiet sensations of the breath.

Pay attention to your body connecting with

the ground.Where does your body touch? Where does the ground begin and your body end? Imagine that you had a battery icon on your head showing the measure of your charge,just like on your phone. What would the charge be?

You don’t expect your phone to work without charging it.Consider this meditation to be your recharge. Connect to the earth’s infinite energy.Become aware of the crown of your head

and how the earth supports it.Become aware of your hips and sacrum and

how they too are supported by the ground.As you inhale, imagine white energy drawing

up through your body.The energy of the earth is an amazing and powerful thing. When you open yourself up to this support and power, you will find an untapped source of energy.

Be sure to keep breathing and release energy down your grounding by simply relaxing and

letting go. Let go of any tension or discomfort.

Allow the energy of the planet to begin to gently flow into the arches of your feet.

Experience it as it flows up through your feet, and then moves slowly into your calves and

thighs. Feel this current of energy; it may be warm or cool, or it may be simply an

awareness. Let the energy flow into your hips and through that area near the base of your

spine called the first chakra, and then cascade back down your grounding. This stream of

energy will strengthen your grounding and cleanse it as it flows

This is Earth energy, the force of the planet. It is the energy that our bodies are made from.

It is a very powerful and validating energy for our bodies to experience. It can be very

healing when we consciously move it through the legs channels in a gentle and cleansing


Next, bring to your mind images of the earth.Be aware of the great oceans and the stretches of sand, the mountains and trees.See the green grasses, and smell the rich soil.Tune yourself to the natural cycles, the dance of creation and destruction that Mother Earth demonstrates each year with the seasons.

Allow all the colors of the rainbow to come to you and remember all of the flowers you have

seen. Notice how they look with dew on their petals. Bring to mind the deserts and intense

colors, the sky that goes on forever. Or the sheer cliffs of canyons, the strata of the earth

pushed up into mountains, the gentle depth of the forest floor

gratitude after you’re feeling more grounded to reduce your negative viewpoints and

boost your energy levels.